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What Is Pay Per Lead (PPL) Traffic?

PPL marketing program is where a you pays only the number of converted leads. Instead of impressions or clicks, the "acquisition" is a form submission, sale, subscription, or other conversion that allows the advertiser to capture a lead.

Big AD Networks

Your offer will be put on one of the largest traffic source that I use daily!



Your ad will be displayed on Interstitials, PushUps, Pop Unders, Pop Ups, Banners, Native Ads, and more!

High Volume Traffic

Access a global network of marketing channels to increase your sales & grow your List!


Choose from GEO & Device Targeting!

TheListGenius PPL Model Setup


I need my pixel on your thank-you page because I need to see conversion that are happening. 
If you will delete my pixel after I start sending traffic, traffic will stop and I will not begin again. 

It doesn't matter, as you are only paying for subscribers everything will convert! MMO is still best converting, but with enough time everything can happen!

No, this is not possible. Sales are very much dependent on your sales page.

Yes! That's what you are paying for! 🙂 

NO! This can't be done. You need your OWN funnel.

PPL orders start in 5+ days or less, depending on your response time. 

Ensure that your website is LIVE when I send the traffic. Prepare Follow-up emails for your new subscribers!

All services are non-refundable once the service starts.

Price depends on Offer that you want to promote. 
For most its as following:
 $1.5 per SUBSCRIBER for Single-Optin.

* Minimum deposit is $200 which would net you 135 new subscribers * 

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