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Start a flood of high quality targeted buyers to your website. Solo ads that work and deliver top quality results to your website at unbeatable prices.

What Are Solo Ads?

Solo ads are when you pay someone with an email list to send an email to their subscribers promoting your website. Solo Ads are paid traffic and best of all, it’s ultra-targeted traffic.

Fresh list & Buyers Traffic!

You will received targeted traffic that comes from Make Money Online (MMO) and Home Business niche. They are waiting to hear from you! Traffic is kind of my thing, so I pull in anywhere between 500 to 1000 new subscribers every day!


Responsive Traffic

Very Active List in the IM / MMO Market! Send instant, targeted visitors to your website!

Free Funnel Review!

Before I start your order I will review your Landing Page and Funnel.

Buyer List

These prospects are bursting with desire to start and grow their online business. They've been online for long enough to feel smart about their buying decisions.

Risk Free Guarantee

Either you get minimum 20% Conversion or I will over-deliver your order!

85%+ Tier1 Traffic!

I make sure you get Tier 1 traffic and I usually deliver MORE than 85%! My List is build from PPV and PPC Ads so It's HIGH QUALITY!

100% Spam FREE

100% Opt-In & CAN-SPAM Compliant! No SPAM complaints at all!

Lead generation is the most time consuming, yet the least rewarding daily activity for most internet marketers. 
On average, they spend 40 hours a week trying to get targeted visitors to their pages with no results.

Our incredible lead quality filtering-system allows us to put your product in front of people fast and with predictability, which is why we have a minimum 20% conversion guarantee in place: A guarantee that 99% of solo ad vendors can’t give you.  

TheListGenius Is Perfect For Your Offer If …


✔ You Want Conversions Now
✔ You Like To Get Sales As Fast As Possible
✔ You Like High Optin Rates
✔ You Like To Benefit From A Field-Tested Traffic Source
✔ You Want Us To Review Your Funnel & Improve It For You
✔ You Want To Build Your List With Reliable Sales Traffic
✔ You Want To Benefit From The Best Quality Possible


Which Offers Convert Best With Your Traffic?

Mainly Make Money Online (MMO), Internet Marketing (IM), Multi-level Marketing (MLM), Home business and anything that is related to making money.

We also offer different niches! Crypto, Forex, Investments, Personal Development, Health and Diet, Survival & Prepping!

Here’s a quick glimpse into the most popular offers we’re running right now:

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All clicks comes with Tracking link!

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Survival and Prepping
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Survival and Prepping
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Once payment is made please send me your squeeze page URL / tracking link via the contact us or Facebook Messenger.
I can not guarantee conversions on solo ads. It is up to you to have a good converting offer/sales funnel. All I can control is the minimum number of clicks that you pay for will be delivered.

I reserve the right to refuse any offer. If in doubt, please send me your website URL prior to ordering.
There are NO REFUNDS on completed solo ad runs. All sales are final.


I build the list mainly via different blogs (buying solo ads from owners of big blogs), Facebook ads, SEO traffic. They are a really good mix of traffic to ensure a good response.

No, this is not possible. Sales are very much dependent on your sales page, but I do include buyers in the mailing.

Yes! I guarantee a minimum of 20% opt-in rate! If you don't get 20% I will over-deliver your order!

You can… but I advise not. I highly recommend sending traffic to a good sales funnel to maximize your investment.

Mainly Make Money Online (MMO), Internet Marketing (IM), Multi-level Marketing (MLM). But I also have a list in Forex, Crpyto and other niches!

Most orders start in 3 days or less, depending on availability.

Ensure that your website is LIVE when I send the traffic. Prepare Follow-up emails for your new subscribers!

All services are non-refundable once the service starts.

Before purchasing your desired package, please send us email or contact us via Live chat! 


We will get back to you within 8 hours and will let you know when your slot is going to be scheduled.

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